Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Day 1 Down

So, I found out toward the tail end of today's press conference that there's such a thing as a Tweets per hour limit. This, along with the Internet outage at the start of Archbishop Kurtz's presentation on the ad hoc committee on marriage, was my only real technical hiccup today.

So, Twitter may think I'm a spammer now. And at least seven of our followers walked away, presumably in disgust from the excessive posting. But still, it seemed like a successful, stenographer-styled, apparently first-ever Twittering of a USCCB meeting.

Some memorable comments slipped by, and it was nigh impossible to nail exact quotes. But I don't think I libeled any of my collective employers today. The @replies on Twitter suggest that our coverage went over very well, complete with some passionate, sometimes heated reactions to what some of the bishops had to say.

I recommend going to Twitter and searching for "@usccbmedia" to get a flavor of the discourse.

To get the original feed itself, again, the Twitter handle is

Well, the last interview has ceased, and it's time to close the media shop and embark on another evening in gradually cooling San Antonio.

Thanks again to everyone for reading and commenting. It made an exciting day riveting.


Hidden One said...

Have you considered creating a second (third, if necessary, etc) Twitter account for conference updating and such? That way, those of us who read your every word almost as fast as you wrote them or want to see what happened after the fact can, while those who don't want to can subscribe to usccbmedia without a zillion Twitter updates, which can be annoying for some, especially those (at the moment) knee-deep in assisting the Iranian opposition via Twitter.

Just a thought. I rather appreciated your coverage today.

Anonymous said...

Interesting to follow on Twitter on my cell phone. But it was a lot. I may just turn off the phone feed tomorrow and check in occasionally on line.