Monday, June 9, 2014

Five Things to Know June 16

1. U.S. bishops voted at their Spring General Assembly June 11-13 to amend the Political Responsibility statement issued every four years, which will enable it to include recent teachings of Pope Francis. Bishops also renewed the Ad Hoc Committee on Religious Liberty.

2. USCCB Subcommittee Approves over $4.6 Million in Grants to the Church in Latin America.

3. Pope Francis today said If we talk of politically or economically corrupt people, who pays for [their corruption]? Think of the hospitals without medicine, the patients who did not receive care, the children without education. They are the modern Naboths, who pay the price for the corruption of the haughty. And who pays the price for the corruption of a prelate? The children pay, who cannot make the sign of the cross, who do not know the catechism, who are not cared-for. The sick who are not visited, the imprisoned, who receive no spiritual attention. The poor pay. Corruption is paid by the poor: the materially poor and the spiritually poor.” Instead, says Pope Francis, “the only way to escape corruption, the only way to overcome the temptation to – the sin of – corruption, is service.” Because, he says, “corruption is pride, arrogance – and service humiliates you.” It is “humble charity to help others.”

 4. New head of the bishops' office for Domestic Social Development is Mark Rohlena of  Colorado Springs Catholic Charities.

5. God loves you.

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