Thursday, June 18, 2009

And We're Done

With the bishop going into executive session for the remainder of their meeting, Media Relations is pretty much folding up shop. A few reporters are lingering, filing their stories, grabbing interviews, etc. An overcast day in San Antonio has just turned to rain, and we'll be headed back home tonight.

Thanks to all who loved our Twittering this meeting to death. Apologies to all who found it incessant. Hopefully, once we've recovered, the activity on the blog will pick up, and the Twitter feed will return to its usual two or three items a day ... that is, until the fall general meeting in Baltimore.

1 comment:

Michael Brough said...

Thanks for your Tweets and blogging, Don. Informative in terms both of content and process as we wrestle with how to harness new media forms in service of the mission of the Church.