Monday, September 27, 2010

Latter Day Saints Promote Catholic News Service Movie Reviews

A former Catholic bishop of Salt Lake City once facetiously boasted that he headed the second largest church in Utah. There Catholics comprise nine percent of the population. Well known of course is that most people in the state belong to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, the Mormons.

The two churches differ significantly. However, in one area, that of family values, they hold much in common. That becomes clear in a recent article in the Mormon-owned daily newspaper, the Deseret News.

The Deseret News is now promoting the movie reviews of Catholic News Service, reviews that boast a 74-year history in the Catholic Church. A Sept. 23 article from The Deseret News explains the daily’s rationale:

The CNS reviews stand as a “unique voice in a noisy lobby,” the article noted.

Reviews offer both a moral and artistic analysis. Written primarily with families in mind, they offer guidance to filmgoers of any age. They’ve offered guidance to Catholics for almost 75 years. But obviously more than Catholics recognize their great value.

“The CNS reviews concentrate particularly on how a character’s negative behavior and ethical choices, such as crime and abortion, are presented: and depictions of human sexuality, including premarital sexual encounters, nonmarital cohabitation and adulterous relationships,” the article notes.

Given the popularity of movies, both on the big screen, video, CD and television, one has to be proud of this Catholic Church contribution to modern society. Adult moviegoers benefit by checking the CNS reviews before heading off to the cinema. The guidance makes for both more intelligent viewing and a warning that some movies aren’t worth your ten bucks. The reviews are a perfect resource for parents who must make decisions about what their offspring will view.

The Mormon Church has steadily supported family values. Their promotion of the CNS movie reviews is one more proof of this.

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musculars said...

family values: unfortunate code word for bigotry and narrow mindedness.