Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Five Things To Remember On Feb. 11

1. Catholic News Service reported on Pope Francis' talk about family responsibility, in which he said, "If a family that has been generous in having children is looked upon as a burden, something's wrong."

2.As we mark Black History Month, meet four American Catholics of African descent who may one day be saints.

3. In case you missed it yesterday, James Rogers was named executive director of public affairs here at the USCCB. “James Rogers brings a wealth of professional experience in public relations and communications management to the Conference,” Msgr. Ronny Jenkins, USCCB general secretary, said. “I am confident that his many gifts, coupled with his devotion to the Church, will be of valuable service to the bishops.”

4. Today is the World Day of the Sick. Pope Francis says, “Charity takes time, time to care for the sick and time to visit them. Time to be at their side”.

5. God loves you.

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