Monday, August 17, 2009

Health Care Site (and Videos) Up!

We announced on Friday that the Conference has launched a Web page promoting the U.S. bishops' position on health care reform.

Along with the various backgrounders, letters from bishops and other information on the topic, the site features a handful of strong Web videos with USCCB staff explaining aspects of Catholic teaching on health care reform.

First is Kathy Saile, director of Domestic Social Development, who gives an overview of the issue.

Following this video, Richard Doerflinger, associate director of Pro-Life Activities, elaborates on protecting the life and dignity of every person by providing some history and context for how abortion fits into the health care reform debate.

Doerflinger gets even more specific in the next video in which he explores the concerns the bishops have with the current House health care reform bill.

He then speaks to the whole issue of health care from a Catholic perspective that is in favor of reform, in favor of universal coverage that includes the poor and immigrants, but which also defends human life from conception till natural death. The way he unifies these ideas as part of a consistent, life-affirming ethic is well done.

Finally, Doerflinger addresses what Catholics can do, noting the need to get involved in the discussion and stand together, saying yes to health care reform, but reform that protects the life and dignity of every person.

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