Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A Mid Summer Day's Roundup

As summer wears on, things have been pretty quiet here on the blog and over at our Twitter handle. But life in the USCCB Media Relations office is still busy enough.

Reporters wanting an interview on health care, letters circulating to various officials on various issues, policy people working overtime behind the scenes, and ongoing efforts to embrace ever newer forms of social media -- it's all making for a surprisingly lively summer.

The only problem of it is that so little of it is blog or Twitter worthy.

While Catholic News Service still has plenty to report on, between the Congressional August recess and the Holy See being rather quiet for this month, the best I can urge on our end is a hopefully-reassuring "stay tuned."

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Michael Francis James Lee said...

I would think with people alleging that the USCCB is supporting the House version of the Health Care Reform Bill, there would be plenty to say that is "blog or twitter worthy." You need to stay out in front of this, or by not doing so you add to the confused message as to what the U.S. Catholic Bishops are saying re: health care reform.