Thursday, December 13, 2012

Five Things To Remember On Dec. 13

1.      Still pondering what to buy for that difficult family member? Catholic Relief Services (CRS) works with fair trade programs and projects overseas to help communities overcome poverty globally. Support CRS fair trade through your Christmas gift purchase.

2.      Challenges of marriage, big and small, face all couples. Quick tips for maintaining a healthy marriage can be found on

3.      Pope Benedict’s foray into the Twitter world yesterday was a success. He’s got a lot of followers on Twitter (one million at last count) though his fan base on Twitter is way behind Justin Bieber’s 31 million.

4.      Talk of the fiscal cliff continues between President Obama and Speaker of the House Boehner. Point to Consider: We can’t balance the budget on the backs of the poor. The U.S. bishops have spoken clearly on budget concerns. 

5.      God Loves you.

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