Thursday, December 19, 2013

Five Things To Remember On Dec. 19

1. reports: “Humility is necessary for fruitfulness,” Pope Francis said at Mass this morning in the Casa Santa Marta. The Holy Father said that the intervention of God overcomes the sterility of our life and makes it fruitful. Then he put us on guard against the attitude of pride that makes us sterile.

2. Anthony Cirelli, USCCB Associate Director for Interreligious affairs Dr. Anthony Cirelli, writes on the blog today on interreligious dialogue being an integral dimension of evangelization.

3. Sister Mary Ann Walsh explores the recent trend of Pope Francis being on the cover of magazines. So, why is it happening?

4. Ever wonder what it takes to clean St. Peter's Basilica for Christmas? Check out this Catholic News Service video from last year.

5. God loves you.

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