Friday, May 9, 2014

Five Things To Remember On May 9

1. Catholic News Service reports, "Meeting top officials of the United Nations, Pope Francis called for a 'worldwide ethical mobilization' that would push technical programs for justice, peace and development further by promoting respect for human life, 'fraternity and solidarity.' "

2. During noon Mass today, we offered a Marian devotion with the crowning of the image (statue) of the Blessed Virgin Mary.On the USCCB's Instagram, you can see photos from that moment.

3. On his Twitter today, Bishop John Wester of Salt Lake City has a reminder for everyone, saying, "It doesn’t make any difference if we take the road less traveled, as long as Jesus is the one who is taking us there."

4. Happy Mother's Day from everyone at the USCCB.

5. God loves you.

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