Thursday, November 6, 2014

Five Things To Remember On Nov. 6

1. This is National Vocations Awareness Week and some religious are using Skype to share their vocation.

2. The third edition of Guidelines for Receiving Pastoral Ministers in the United States, which will be discussed at the November USCCB General Assembly, is now available online and to purchase.

3. “In the United States, many Americans continue to face the effects of a stagnant economy, debilitating unemployment, a dehumanizing cycle of poverty, and growing civic disenfranchisement,” said Bishop Jaime Soto of Sacramento, chairman of the USCCB Subcommittee on the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. “Families are choosing between food and rent and are worried about job security and low paychecks. Poverty affects us all. Following the mandate of Jesus, CCHD creates opportunities for communion and solidarity that help us all, especially the most vulnerable. Through CCHD we foster the common good and work to build a society where no one is left behind.”

4. Make sure you're following the USCCB on Instagram during the next week as we share photos from the General Assembly.

5. God loves you.

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