Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Five Things To Remember On Feb. 6

1. Catholics everything are contemplating what they will sacrifice during the Lent. Our Facebook followers at are sharing what they will give up today. In addition, some people are sharing how they will contribute to society.

2. Pope Benedict XVI offered some challenging words through his Twitter account, @Pontifex, saying: “Everything is a gift from God: it is only by recognizing the crucial dependence on the Creator that we will find freedom and peace.”

3. Sister Mary Ann Walsh. Director of media relations for the USCCB, has a guest entry in Religion and Politics today about the Catholic Church’s right to religious freedom while still having a place in the public square.

4. Christian leaders are continuing their push for immigration reform legislation and Bishop Bishop Joe S. Vasquez of Austin recently hosted a meeting of Christian leaders called Christian Churches Today. They released a statement that said: “Each day in our congregations and communities, we bear witness to the effects of a system that continues the separation of families and the exploitation, abuse, and deaths of migrants. This suffering must end.”

5. God loves you.

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