Friday, February 8, 2013

Five Things To Remember On Feb. 8

         1.       Cardinal Timothy Dolan and the USCCB responded to the HHS Mandate changes Thursday by saying the compromise did not go far enough to respect religious freedom. “We look forward to engaging with the Administration, and all branches and levels of government, to continue to address serious issues that remain,” Cardinal Dolan said. “Our efforts will require additional, careful study.  Only in this way can we best assure that healthcare for every woman, man and child is achieved without harm to our first, most cherished freedom.”  

         2.       The nature of creation and the stories told in the Bible have created centuries of discussions about what happened. Pope Benedict XVI jumped into the fray this week, saying, “The Bible isn't meant to be a manual of natural science. Instead it is meant to make understandable the authentic and deep truth of all things.”

        3.       Catholic Relief Service’s Lenten Rice Bowl outreach will start next week. Nearly 13,000 faith communities across the U.S. participate in the program each year to demonstrate solidarity with the poor around the world.

4      4.       Catholics are being asked this week to support peace and prosperity in the Holy Land by opposing the re-routing of the separation wall in the Cremisian Valley. They can sign a petition that will be delivered to the appropriate Israeli authorities.

  5. God loves you.

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