Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Five Things To Remember On April 2

1. Global coverage of yesterday's Border Mass included numerous media outlets, including the Los Angeles Times, NBC News and Washington Post. Vatican Radio featured a story and audio segment on it as well.

2. Pope Francis spoke of marriage Wednesday, saying, "We were created for love as a reflection of God and his love." He added "In the conjugal union, a man and a woman fulfill this vocation under the sign of reciprocity and a full and definitive communion of life."

3. Father Ronald Roberson writes a new blog entry for the USCCB titled, "Orthodox Church Highlights Synodality, the Holy Spirit Creating Community"

4. People can participate in our ongoing Prayer Campaign for Life, Marriage, and Religious Liberty. The intention for Friday, March 28 is: "May we be free to live out our faith and bear witness to the dignity of each person."

5. God loves you.

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